Blue Reef Aquarium

It was a fantastic day at the aquarium. We had lots of fun exploring and there were many favourite parts of the day. the seals and sea lions were a big hit with lots of the children, not to mention the Mississippi Map Turtles. Of course, lunch time and our packed lunches was a very important part of the day!

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Class Assembly

Today was the children’s first class assembly! We would like to say a big thank you to such a brilliant audience, there was lots of lovely participation from Mrs Bosomworth’s Nursery class, our Mums, Dads, grandparents and of course little brothers and sisters! We were please to have you there!

Well done to all the Reception children, they were all very brave talking, acting and moving like animals in front of such a big audience. It was a great start to World Book day.

Dragon Parade!

We took part in our very own parade on Monday afternoon and it was quite a success! The children had their faces painted and all wore their dragon headdresses with pride. We invited the children from Key Stage One to watch our parade and were happy to tell them about Chinese New Year celebrations. We hope Key Stage One enjoyed it as much as we did.
Well done to all of Reception, what a great end to our Chinese New Year topic!

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Lip Lee

We have had a very special visitor in school. Lip Lee came to school and showed us lots of interesting and exciting objects people use to celebrate Chinese New Year. We loved seeing all these objects and had great fun joining in as he taught us all some songs. In the classroom, Lip Lee showed us how to make some origami animals and told us the story of the Chinese New Year and the animal race, we then then made masks of all the animals.

Our visit from Lip Leeslideshow

Chinese New Year

For the next few weeks we are learning about Chinese New Year and China. This week we have found where China is on a map and talked about how we would get there. We built a plane and made passports so that we could fly to China. I asked the children what we would need to get onto a plane and the best answer I got was….. stairs! Of course why didn’t I think of that. We were given lots of information on what we would need to pack and of course when building the plane we needed to build a toilet because some of the children had seen one of them on a plane.

Have a look on our planning wall for the photographs – it was great.